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Peek Inside Our February Issue!

Our February issue of Live Happy magazine is now available. Here's a taste of what you'll find inside:

Jillian’s World

If you think you know Jillian Michaels, think again. She’s more than just a drill sergeant with abs of steel. The reality TV star has a new show that features her softer side—as a mom, a wife and epicenter of her own fitness empire.

90 Days to a Happier You

Forget New Year’s resolutions—it’s time to try something transformative! We’ve enlisted five top experts in their fields to help us—and you—make 2016 the year we dream bigger, sleep better and conquer our greatest worries and fears. Join Live Happy staff members on a 3-month happiness challenge that will lead us to more joyful, fulfilling lives.

Who’s Happier Than Hoda?

Every morning America wakes up to the smiling face of Today anchor Hoda Kotb. Behind the dynamic cheerfulness and huge smile, Hoda has weathered her own challenges and come through them with the grit and wisdom of experience. She has also penned a new book about people willing to take risks and live with the consequences.

Play Is the Thing

Playtime is not just for kids anymore. Whether outdoors at the park or inside at the card table, research shows that play is good for your brain. Read about the science behind why we should all take time out of our busy schedules to play with friends and family.

Plus Bethany Hamilton, Tal Ben-Shahar, foods to boost your mood and much more!!

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