Written by : Mayim Bialik Comes Clean in Latest Issue of Live Happy Magazine 

Mayim Bialik Comes Clean in Latest Issue of Live Happy Magazine

Live Happy’s holiday December issue—its largest, most joy-filled and possibly the nerdiest to date—offers dozens of merry-making and entertainment suggestions as the winter party season approaches. It also reveals the captivating research behind what your brain looks like on happiness, sharing tips for readers to explore how meditation, sleep, food, smell and even language affect well-being. The issue also offers insight into the meaningful social connections in our lives and how giving according to our values brings joy and satisfaction.

  • What’s buzzing around in Mayim’s brain?

Actress Mayim Bialik not only plays a neurobiologist on the hit TV series, The Big Bang Theory—she actually earned a doctorate in neuroscience in real life. Mayim credits a talented tutor on the set of Blossom for inspiring her passion for science, and talks to Live Happy about her pride at hearing that young girls view her and her colleagues as positive role models for pursuing scientific careers. She also describes her “perfectly imperfect” life where doing laundry, washing dishes and home-schooling the kids brings daily joy and satisfaction. 

  • Is your dog happier than you?

Dog whisperer and canine philosopher king Cesar Millan fills us in on how he maintains a happily balanced life (hint: being surrounded by dogs is a big part of it).

  • What happens in vagus…

If you think happiness is all in your mind, you’re on the right track. Live Happy takes the secrecy out of what goes on upstairs through the brain’s “love” or vagus nerve. We demonstrate happiness hacks from scientists and authors in each of five areas: meditation, sleep, food, language and even scents.

Listen to Live Happy CEO and Editorial Director Deborah K. Heisz discuss the happiness and brain science in our latest Live Happy Now podcast!

  • A new kind of community

A new kind of communal living is popping up around the country. Not the hippie yurt camps of the 1970s, but a new take on the concept of a community that shares and looks out for one another yet still maintains a modern semblance of privacy and propriety. Writer Shelley Levitt gets an insider’s look at this relatively new phenomenon.

  • Friendship: It's just what the doctor ordered

In good times and bad times, friendships play a key part in our well-being. Find out about the latest research as well as moving stories that illuminate the central role that close bonds and social relationships play in our lives. From BFFs to workplace acquaintances, people need other people.

  • Detroit’s thriving Eastern Market

Our big cities sometimes get a bad rap. Find out about a thriving farmers market in the center of Detroit where everyone comes together to shop, eat local and share in good company.

Plus you'll find four expert-tested gratitude rituals to amp up your well-being, and 33 can’t miss ideas for blowout fall and winter fun. Happy reading!

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