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Make Halloween Way More Fun

Halloween has become everyone’s favorite non-denominational holiday—kids and adults alike. It’s a time for everyone to get creative with costumes and decorations, eat too much candy and have lots of silly and scary fun.

What if you could take that fun up a notch? Here are a few ways to increase your fun factor this Halloween.  

Enhance Halloween happiness

  • Watch some (age-appropriate) scary movies with your family.
  • Decorate your yard with ghosts, gravestones, spider webs and skeleton bones.
  • Take a walk with your kids and enjoy the Halloween decorations in your neighborhood.
  • Fill up that candy dish at the office.
  • Go to a pumpkin festival and get some pumpkins to carve out or paint with your kids.

Be the house that kids remember

Don’t you love to see kids get wide-eyed, gasp, or say, “Mom, look what I got!” Be that house.

  • Hand out rubber bouncy balls that look like eyeballs along with your candy.
  • Get into the spirit by dressing up yourself to entertain the trick-or-treaters.
  • Buy some motion-sensor decorations like skeleton heads that talk; you will hear the kids shrieking with laughter (and a little fun fear).

Make some spooky snacks

Forget black and orange cookies from the supermarket. On Pinterest, homemade spooky snack ideas abound. We’ve got many of them for you on LiveHappy’s Pinterest page. Enjoy making the creepy treats with your kids and indulging a little.

And Halloween-themed drinks

If you are having a party, create a punch “cauldron” bubbling with dry ice, whip up some Candy Corn punch or Halloween spirits for the adults.

Be a kid again and make your Halloween more fun. What’s your best tip for a Happy Halloween? Share away. We’d love to hear from you in the comments section, below, or on Facebook or Pinterest.

Sandra Bienkowski worked as the national columns editor for SUCCESS magazine for three years, and is widely published in print and on the web. See more about Sandra at The Media Concierge.

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