Written by : Gina Roberts-Grey 

Kristen Bell’s Happy Juggling Act

The following excerpt is from a feature article in the April 2016 issue of Live Happy magazine. To read the full story on Kristen Bell, pick up the magazine at a newsstand or grocery store near you.

Kristen Bell relies on these tips to maintain a positive personal life:

Surround yourself with happiness

“Our best friends are very happy people, and I look forward to sharing time with them,” Kristen says. “I look up to them and how they handle themselves because they’re truly happy. That’s so nice to be around because some people aren’t innately happy.”

Use positive words

Kristen looks to inspirational quotes when her positivity wavers or she’s feeling unsure. “Imagine being in the brain of the people who said them,” she says. One of her favorites is from Eleanor Roosevelt. “I love the saying, ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’ because there’s a lot of responsibility in that. All happiness lies in self-esteem and self-esteem lies in responsibility. I promote responsibility, and I enjoy people
who promote it, too.”

Make your own traditions

Work commitments that include traveling make it tough for Kristen’s family to commit to consistent family dinners or events. So they’ve started the tradition of eating anything—and everything—together to bond. “We have at least five meals together as a family a week. One may be lunch and two, dinner, but we stick to having some sort of meal together to stay connected and grounded.”

Quiet down

To recharge her emotional and mental batteries, Kristen powers down her mind. “Meditation makes me feel more rested than a full night’s sleep. I do transcendental meditation a couple times a week and have a mantra that I repeat in a still, calm position. I really enjoy powering down for 20 minutes because it’s like shutting off light switches in my brain. I should make more time for it, but meditating even a couple times a week makes a big difference in my stress and happiness levels.”

Move around

Kristen and her family are often seen biking around Los Angeles. “We do that for pleasure, fitness and the environment. We love to be out of the car, and luckily, there are a lot of restaurants we can bike to for dinner. You feel a little better about dessert if you moved a bit to get to it!”

Stand by your choices

Self-confidence routinely buoys Kristen's outlook. “The more you love your decisions, the less you need others to love them. My self-esteem can only come from me, not outside sources. Understanding that was my road to finding a peaceful, happy lifestyle.

Gina Roberts-Grey is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in Family Circle, Self and Essence.

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