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Jim Carrey on a Roll

Inspired by his own childhood fears, Jim Carrey aims to ease the worry that children have about loss with his new book, How Roland Rolls.

Telling the tale of a wave named Roland who is afraid his life will end once he hits the beach, the first-time author uses the ocean as a metaphor for life. Jim hopes this book will teach children that we never end—we just change.

Throughout his career, Jim Carrey has told countless stories and played many characters, but none may be more fulfilling to him than his latest character, Roland. With the help of Roland, Jim wanted to take this heavy burden of a topic and present it in a way that givespeople relief.

“That’s what I am about, that’s my job,” he says. “It’s been my job my whole life. My ministry is to free people from concern.”

Illustrated by award-winning artist and animator R.C. Nason, How Roland Rolls presents Jim’s philosophy in a succinct, innocent way that is easy for children to understand, and maybe the parents can take something from it, too.

 In the end, Roland realizes that he is part of something bigger. From a small raindrop to a vast ocean, he is still connected to everything, and he is still here.

And just like with every bedtime story we tell our children, in the end, we are safe, we are secure and good triumphs once again.

Check out this video on the the creative process and thinking behind the book. Also, take a look at Jim’s wacky faces were the inspiration for R.C.’s illustrations of Roland, and send in your own funny faces.

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