Written by : April Hardwick 

Get In Your Zen Zone With These Peaceful Products

1. Platinum heart-shaped swirls dance across the porcelain “Love Story” tea server, $99.99; tea cup, $10.99; and Monogram M Mug ($14.99, Mikasa.com).
Platinum Mikasa China
2. Enjoy a soothing blend of lemon verbena, lemongrass and spearmint in Chamomile Medley, $14, and Valerian Dream containing botanicals that have been used for centuries as a natural sleep aid ($16, rishi-tea.com).
Rishi Tea
3. Improve your posture while relaxing on the Variable Balans Chair ($399, varierchairs.com).
Balance posture chair
4. Customize lighting via a smart device with Philips Hue White Ambiance Wellness dimmable LED smart table lamp ($79.20, amazon.com).
Phillips Light
5. Wind down with Therapie Roques Oneil’s Inner Light Sleep Drops, $64, and Calm Balm ($54, shen-beauty.com).
Calm Balm
6. Snuggle up with the Cutesy Corgi Roll Pillow, $19.99 (thinkgeek.com).
Corgi Pillow
7. Relax and reduce puffiness with the Gaiam lavender scented Eye Pillow, $14.98, and Relax Cooling Eye Mask ($12.98, gaiam.com).
Eye mask and pillow
8. Travel near and far with the iZBT5 portable light and sound therapy device that prepares your body and mind for sleep ($79.99, ihomeaudio.com).
Home audio system
9. Move while you work, increasing energy and heart rate while using The Level; it’s made in the USA of natural maple and die-cast aluminum ($339, fluidstance.com).
Level board
10. Yogi or not, you will love the 198 Block (it takes 198 recycled wine corks to make one), which is as practical as it is sustainable ($20, recork.org). Harmony Mat contains no synthetic rubber and is made in the United States, plus Jade plants a tree for every mat sold ($74.95, jadeyoga.com).
Yoga mat and block
11. Move and groove better in your workout after using the Grid Foam Roller ($39.99, Tptherapy.com).
Foam roller
12. A bright pop of color combined with foam molded construction equals a great workout. We love the new Fresh Foam Crush by New Balance ($99.95, newbalance.com).
New Balance shoes

April Hardwick is the design editor for Live Happy magazine.


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