Written by : April Hardwick 

Gear Up for Outdoor Adventure

1. A Clear Choice

Sail away with your essentials safe and dry in the E-Merse R/S GoPack, submersible up to 10 feet ($39.95, seattlesportsco.com).
Go-Pack Backpack

2. Chocolate Fix

When exhaustion takes hold, reach for Max Brenner’s First Aid Chocolate Gift Box ($39, amazon.com).
First-Aid Chocolate

3. Photo Ready

Take along this compact and portable instant photo printing camera, Lomo’Instant Automat South Beach edition ($169, shop.lomography.com).
Lomo'instant Automat Camera

4. Good Read

No matter what goes wrong, The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook will help you get through it ($24.95, chroniclebooks.com).
The Worst-Case Scenario Handbook

5. Tree Hugger

Camping has reached new heights with the 2-in-1 Blue Ridge Camping Hammock ($199, lawsonhammock.com).
Tree Hugger hanging sleeping bag

6. Stay Cool

This backpack IceMule Classic Cooler keeps your favorite foods and beverages fresh for up to 24 hours ($69.95, icemulecooler.com).
IceMule drinks cooler

7. Travel Blankie

To ensure you always have a dry place to sit, don’t leave home without the water-repellent 63" x 44" Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 ($29.99, matadorup.com).
Matador waterproof blanket

8. Safe Pets

Your furry friend will stay dry and easy to spot in this reflective waterproof Track Jacket ($39.95, ruffwear.com).

Safety jacket for dogs

9. Up Close

Get a bird’s-eye view with these Tasco Binoculars ES10X42 ($49.69, amazon.com).

10. Map Quest

Keep track of the places you’ve been and where you want to go. These colorful scratch-offs will keep you excited for the journey ($24–$40, uncommongoods.com).
Travel maps with scratch-off colors

April Hardwick is the design editor for Live Happy magazine.


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