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Celebrate March With Live Happy’s Special Issue

Live Happy is wild about Harry Connick Jr.—our May issue cover story celeb—and here’s why: He’s handsome and amazingly talented, yet also passionate about music, family, giving back and creating a culture of kindness in the world.

Harry, who was encouraged by his parents to help others, now does the same for his three teenage daughters.

“We were in Starbucks the other day and there was a woman who had a tray of drinks,” Harry says in his Live Happy cover story, out on newsstands today. “I told Charlotte [his daughter] to get up and go walk that woman to her car. And she came back five minutes later and said, ‘Oh, that woman was so nice, we were talking about all kinds of things.’ You have to be taught that things like that are socially appropriate.”

Harry also shares with readers his tips for happiness, including building good habits and hitting the right notes consistently every day.

Deborah K. Heisz, Live Happy’s CEO, co-founder and editorial director, says, “If you’re inspired by Harry Connick Jr.’s uplifting and soulful music or enjoy the positive values and community spirit of his TV show, Harry, then you’ll connect with him even more in this issue that reminds us all to be a little nicer to everyone—including ourselves!”

Also in the May issue:

“Healthy Mind, Happy Mind,” by Science Editor Paula Felps, shows how focusing on the positives in your life can help relieve stress and work to build positive mental health. The connection between mental well-being and practices such as gratitude, mindfulness and hope goes beyond just feeling good, it also helps change the way your brain works.

Build a Happy Acts Wall: March is our favorite month of the year—orange Happiness Walls pop up along with spring flowers—inspiring all to focus on happiness and share acts of kindness. Help us reach our biggest goal, yet, 500 walls to celebrate the International Day of Happiness on March 20! Have fun by getting crafty with borders and colors, we show you our favorite designs and ideas.

33 Happy Acts to Change the World: How do you like to share kindness with others? Giving back to a favorite charity, paying it forward, spending quality time playing games with family and friends, making someone laugh? Read our ideas and share your own on social media by tagging #livehappy.

10 Simple Ways to Spread Civility: Is common courtesy a thing of the past? Stress and technology are driving us to the brink, but compassion can turn the tide.

Raise Happier, Braver Kids: Learn about positive childhood anxiety busters, warning signs of stress overload and when not to worry about worry.

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