Written by : Laura Coppedge 

Laura Coppedge

I’ve never been very good with short statements that define who I am. I’m the Director of Digital Marketing and Products for Live Happy magazine. I’ve worked with another national publication and with various companies—at jobs that had the title “web” in them somewhere. I’m a daughter, wife, friend, mother, co-worker, nuisance to my brother, and best friend to one awesome blonde woman.

But none of that says much about who I am—really. I care about people. I like making connections and find mostly all people fascinating. What makes you tick? Why are you so angry, or for that matter, so happy? I like the why more than the what, whom or how.

I’m happiest when I’m being attacked by three little children (my own, specifically). Their attempts to tickle mommy get me laughing much harder than from the tickle itself. I love talking with my husband, reading a good book (or even a bad one), chatting with my mom and having some girl-time with my amazing friends.

And I’m thrilled to be here, on Live Happy communicating with you—making more connections to fascinating people.

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