Written by : Managing Negative Thinking with Karen Cassiday 

Managing Negative Thinking with Karen Cassiday

In this special podcast series, we have partnered with top well-being experts to help coach five members of our Live Happy team on how to make better choices and build habits that lead to more fulfilling lives. Through this series, we'll tackle topics like improving communication with others, managing negative thinking, overcoming chronic insomnia, setting life goals and learning to unplug from work. 
Karen Cassiday is the president of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America as well as owner of the Anxiety Treatment Center of Greater Chicago—the first private clinic in the Chicago area to offer exposure-based treatment for anxiety disorders. Karen has multiple published articles in the area of anxiety disorders, and she is an internationally recognized expert on the treatment of anxiety and related disorders in children through adults.  
In this episode, Live Happy magazine Science Editor Paula Felps talks with Karen about the causes and difficulties with worry and how to overcome it.

What you'll learn in this podcast:

  • How the intolerance of uncertainty sets people up for worry
  • What makes worry worse
  • Why misperceiving worry can mask your true concerns
  • A simple exercise to ease your anxiety

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:


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