Written by : Amy Palanjian 

Tag Time

Edible Forest 

Use school glue to outline and fill in a tree shape on a 2½-by-5 inch tag. Sprinkle dried rosemary over the glue, adjusting sprigs as needed. When completely dry (the glue will be clear), shake off excess. Use tiny dots of glue to secure star-shape pasta to the top of the tree and around it, as desired. Tie onto a gift with rustic twine. (bottom tag in image)

Name Dropping

Using a 1½ inch scalloped paper punch, make enough circles from colorful cardstock to spell out each recipient’s name. Use small letter stamps and an inkpad to spell out the name. Let dry. Use a small hole punch to make two small circles on either side of each scallop, about ¼ inch in from the edge. Weave through coordinating baker’s twine and tie onto each gift to finish. (Main article image above.)

Seasonal String Art

Cut two identical rectangles from plain cardstock, approximately 1½-by-4 inches. Thread an embroidery needle (half the strands in a regular 6-strand piece of floss) or thick thread. Sew the shape of a tree, starting at one end, using the same top hole, and working your way across the rectangle. Evenly space your bottom stitches as best as you can. Secure a sequin on top and knot on the back of the paper to finish the tree. Secure both rectangles together using a simple or decorative embroidery stitch, as you like.

Woven Wonderland

Cut the decorative part of an old holiday card into thin strips, approximately ¼ inch wide. Weave together until you have a size you like for a tag and trim as needed. Secure the back with bias tape and write your recipient’s name on it. (Or use double-sided tape to secure a small piece of paper on the back to write your message on.)

Brilliant Blackboard

Pick up a package of chalkboard stickers in the scrapbooking aisle of your craft store and decorative paper labels just slightly larger than the stickers. Center the sticker inside the label and add festive twine to finish. Write on the tag with a white charcoal pencil for best results.

Festoon with Felt

Cut little critters and seasonal shapes from felt as shown. Secure together with hot glue or a needle and thread. Hot glue the back of each felt shape onto a large paper clip and, when dry, add a paper tag (cut from a brown paper bag) onto the paper clip. Write out your to/from message as desired.


Using a pencil eraser and a green inkpad, stamp the shape of a tree onto a 2½-by-5 inch tag. Glue on a sunflower seed, star anise or even sequins to finish the tree.

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Amy Palanjian is a freelance writer from Des Moines, Iowa. Her work has been featured in Parents, HGTV Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and Bon Appetit.

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