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Gift 10

What is gift10? 

When you give the gift of Live Happy magazine you give a yearlong gift of meaning, health, purpose and love. A "gift10" is the act of giving 10 one-year subscriptions to Live Happy magazine.  With each complete gift10 you give, you will receive an exclusive gift10 pin and your name on our gift10 list

Each recipient will receive either a post card or an email (your choice) letting them know you have given them a subscription to Live Happy magazine.

How do I give 10?

  1. You can give 10 one-year subscriptions of the digital edition (for tablet devices) of Live Happy magazine for $99.90. 
  2. You can give 10 one-year subscriptions of the printed version of Live Happy magazine which includes a free digital edition for $179.50. 
  3. You can give a combination of 10 print and digital subscriptions (price will vary on your combination). 

I want to give less than 10 gift subscriptions. How can I give a single subscription?

If you don't have 10 people in mind, you are free to give any amount of print and digital subscriptions. Each print subscription is $17.95 while each digital subscription is $9.95.   

Find out who made the gift10 list by giving the gift of happiness. Get your name on the list by giving 10 today!


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