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Get Ready for the International Day of Happiness

And once again Denmark tops the list of happiest countries.

In 2012 the United Nations established March 20 as the International Day of Happiness (IDOH), acknowledging that well-being is as important a measure of a population as longevity or wealth.

World Happiness Report

Every year during the lead-up to IDOH, the United Nations releases the World Happiness Report 2016, a ranking of the world's countries ranked according. This year, the United States comes in at a tepid 13, which is two better than in 2015.

Topping the list once again, after briefly losing first place to Switzerland last year, is Denmark: Land of the Frozen Smile. At the other end of the spectrum are war-torn countries such as Burundi, Iraq and Syria.

Happiness walls

Live Happy has adopted the IDOH celebration as our own; we start the month off with our #HappyActs campaign, which builds up a joyful momentum, encouraging everyone to spread happiness around the globe.

Each year, giant orange Happiness Walls are erected across North America as a focal point for people to pledge how they will share happiness with others. To find out where you can get to a Happiness Wall near you, check the map here. Schools, offices and local community organizations can also join in the celebration by hosting their own happiness walls.

This Friday, March 18, our “Happiness Ambassadors” will be hosting 68 walls in cities across the country, including Cincinnati, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Detroit, Michigan, and many more.

Family Happiness Boards

If you won’t be able to make it to a Happiness Wall, you can always create a Family Happiness Board at home. It's a fun, crafty project you can do with the whole family that will bring back joyful memories all year long.

Ten Practices for Choosing Joy

Just in time for the International Day of Happiness, Live Happy is proud to launch our new book, Ten Practices for Choosing Joy. Live Happy Co-Founder and Editorial Director Deborah K. Heisz and award-winning documentary filmmaker Nicholas Kraft will be presenting the book for the first time at the United Nations Bookshop on Thursday, March 17, at 1 p.m.

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