Written by : Megan Michelson 

6 Easy Ways to Get Into Running

Get up and go

Want to get into running? Here are six easy ways to get started.

1. Find a running group

Join a local running club in your area and you’ll have built-in partners for after-work runs or weekend outings. Find a group through the Road Runners Club of America or ask at your local running shoe store.

2. Go on a retreat

What’s not to love about going for a run in a place like Greece, Italy or Lake Tahoe? Sign up for a running retreat with esteemed running coach Jeff Galloway for a vacation that’ll leave you feeling fit and happy.

3. Sign up for a race

The popular Couch-to-5K program gives you specific training instructions to run your first 5K in just nine weeks. Follow the program online—running three days a week for around 30 minutes—then sign up for a race near you.

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4. Run for a cause

Sign up with an organization like Team In Training and you’ll be running your first marathon or half-marathon while raising money to beat cancer. You’ll have the support of coaches and fellow runners throughout your training, and during the race a cheering squad in matching purple T-shirts will be rooting you on.

5. Hire a coach

A personal coach can give you the structure and motivation to stay on task. “I work with runners who struggle with chronic injury, fatigue or burnout and I help them get back on track by reducing stress and optimizing their training,” says Elinor Fish, an endurance runner who offers 16-week training programs and coaching services online via Skype.

6. Or try something else

Running isn’t for everyone. If you’ve tried it and you're just not into running, don’t fret. You can still reap the benefits of runner’s high from regularly participating in other moderate-level activities, like walking, biking, swimming, yoga and more.

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