Written by : Marie Speed 

Scott Foley’s Passion

Scott Foley is having a very good day.

Only hours before, his wife, Marika Dominczyk, had delivered their third child—a 9-pound baby boy named Konrad.

Family man

“I am elated,” he says. “I am just over the moon. I knew how tired I was going to be and how tough it is with a new kid—but man, I saw that kid and all that melted away. Am I psyched! I am just so thrilled.”

Those are not the first words you’d expect from Scott, aka Jake Ballard, dreamy lover and spy guy to Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope on TV’s popular Scandal television series. In fact, those are not the first words you’d expect from most Hollywood hotties thrust into a world that puts power and sex appeal above most everything else.

Parallel universe

But this, as it turns out, isn’t the world inhabited by Scott Foley. Despite his on-screen charisma and success, he lives in a parallel universe defined by play dates and baby monitors, bedtime stories and breakfast cereal.

“At this stage of my life, what makes me happy is my passion,” he says. “That sounds so generic and broad, but I love to act, I love to tell stories, and that is my passion.

I love my family—my family makes me happier than anything else. They are my passion."

I’m passionate about spending time with my family, watching them grow and making them laugh. Those are the two passions in my life: family and work.”

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