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Pinned Up

Here you are thinking Pinterest is just another way to watch your time disappear into the social media sinkhole. You’ve made up your mind: You’re not going to do it! You’re already on Facebook, and you are not about to get sucked into a world of online scrapbooking. (You haven’t even finished your baby’s first-year offline scrapbook, and your baby is now starting high school.) But what if spending time on Pinterest could make you happier online and off? Here’s how:

Set your vision

Remember when vision boards were popular? You’d spend all day cutting magazine clippings and quotes, piecing them together on a giant poster board so you could send your brain visual messages about your ideal life: The house, the clothes, the healthy body, and personal goals, all represented in a vivid collage. Now you can hop on Pinterest and, in a matter of minutes, create your own vision board with quick "pins" of pictures, quotes and articles that inspire and encourage you. Click on your Pinterest page and your neurons are instantly flooded with colorful images and contagious ideas that will make you want to take action offline.

Get a sense of connection

Look around Pinterest and you’ll find a crazy-quilt of shared interests and endeavors. It’s a visual collective—a place where you can swap recipes with friends, share images of movies and books you love, or get a glimpse of someone else’s offbeat passions. You love yarn-bombing and Italian New Wave film? So do Linda in Des Moines and Jen in San Diego! The sense of community that Pinterest creates heightens sharing and community offline as well; you’ll be inspired to try a new craft with friends, bond with your spouse over a great meal or plan a family adventure.

Collect ideas

Throwing a party and want to impress your friends? Bored with your hairstyle? Need some decorating inspiration for bare walls? Pinterest can be your personal guide to visual ideas. You can both share your own projects and bring others in to collaborate by designating family and friends to be contributors to your board. You can also navigate through the overwhelming load of visual information by “following” boards that you like.

Change your mood

When you’re feeling down, Pinterest can act as a virtual pick-me-up. Start dreaming about your next vacation by looking up images of sparkling beaches or taking a photo tour through Paris. Check out quotes on gratitude and mindfulness, or ogle the latest puppy visuals for a quick oxytocin release. Become a hunter-gatherer for your personal happiness, and visit our snappy Pinterest board!

Happy pinning!  

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