Written by : Actress, Rapper and Author Queen Latifah Proves Happiness Reigns Supreme in Live Happy’s May issue cover story 

Actress, Rapper and Author Queen Latifah Proves Happiness Reigns Supreme in Live Happy’s May issue cover story

Dallas, Texas – March 7, 2017 – “Whatever your inspiration, you have to look for a reason to fight the good fight every day,” says Queen Latifah, whose fighting spirit and confidence helped her rise above tough times to win acclaim and a score of awards in music, film and TV, where she appears in her latest project, Lee Daniels’ FOX series, Star.

“Around 18 or so, I was making bad choices based on not loving myself so I decided to make a decision to either love [myself] or hate [myself],” she says. “I decided I needed to love myself. But I also needed to truly believe that, own that, and make decisions based on that. I had to accept myself as I am.”

Who better than the Queen herself to reign over the International Day of Happiness movement that kicks off in March? Live Happy’s May issue, available on March 7, offers expert advice about how to show and spread your joy this spring, including ways to mold a joyful mindset at work, with your family and with yourself.

“Queen Latifah perfectly captures the spirit and energy of the happiness movement that we celebrate each year at this time,” says Deborah K. Heisz, Live Happy’s co-founder, CEO and editorial director. “I’m especially inspired by her multifaceted career and success she’s gained across multiple industries. A clear, positive mindset is a key starting point to spreading happiness to all you meet.”

Among the features in the May issue, readers will find the following highlights:

Happiness Reigns Supreme—In this month’s cover story, superstar singer and actress Queen Latifah goes straight to the heart of what’s truly important in life: family, confidence and health. She shares why tragedy helped her uncover her true strength, how she cultivated shining confidence and her secret motivation for a healthy, happy life.

Baring His Soul—Actor Sam Worthington, star of The Shack, explores his evolution on- and off-screen, reveals what triggered him to look at the world differently and shares his perspective on how to live a life that is personally and professionally fulfilling. 

Life’s a Stage—Actor and comedian Echo Kellum, star of the CW’s hit show Arrow, dishes on his role models, lightening the mood, finding happiness every day and what makes him laugh.

Mindful Moment—As a certified yoga and mindfulness teacher for children, Susan Verde is putting a new twist on the standard Child’s Pose. Verde shares how getting centered with Lizard Pose helps kids combat daily stresses and helps bring families together.

Spring Color Fling—Sample an array of products in four of Pantone’s freshest spring colors and soak up expert advice from designers to add joy to every room in your home or office.

Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine—Learn why a sense of humor may be your most effective communication tool.

The International Day of Happiness: Why It Matters and How to Get Involved—Since its beginning in 2012, the International Day of Happiness has become a global movement for sharing and spreading #HappyActs, big and small. Here, writer Shelley Levitt shares one woman’s deeply personal connection to the day, how it has grown in the past five years and how everyone can share their joy on March 20.

—Don’t get caught “phubbing”: Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan reveal tips for navigating tech distractions that can put a strain on your romantic relationship.

—Columnist and licensed psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser presents five essential factors that shape kids’ resilience and success to cultivate happiness from a young age.

—Looking for more fulfillment but don’t know where to start? Check out “Five Things to Give Up for Happiness” to eliminate negativity.

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