Written by : Actress Mayim Bialik Embraces Her Inner Geek in December Issue of Live Happy Magazine 

Actress Mayim Bialik Embraces Her Inner Geek in December Issue of Live Happy Magazine

Dallas, Texas – October 11, 2016 – Mayim Bialik plays a neurobiologist on TV in CBS’ highly rated The Big Bang Theory, now in its 10th season, but much of her braniac persona is not an act at all. In real life, Bialik has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. “There’s an unintended bit of art imitating life,” she says of her TV alter ego Amy Farrah Fowler, but with a slight difference. “I studied how brains work and she slices them apart!”

Bialik talks to Live Happy about how her love of science bloomed with a talented tutor on the set of the popular NBC sitcom Blossom and about her pride at hearing that young girls view her and her colleagues as positive role models for pursuing scientific careers. She also describes her “perfectly imperfect” life where doing laundry, washing dishes and home-schooling the kids brings her daily joy and satisfaction.

Live Happy’s holiday December issue—its largest, most joy-filled and possibly the nerdiest to date—offers dozens of merry-making and entertainment suggestions as the winter party season approaches. It also reveals the captivating research behind what your brain looks like on happiness, sharing tips for readers to explore how meditation, sleep, food, smell and even language affect well-being. The issue also offers insight into the meaningful connections in our lives and how giving according to our values brings joy and satisfaction.

“This issue perfectly captures the excitement of those of us with a geeky fascination with science and understanding how the brain works,” says Deborah K. Heisz, Live Happy’s co-founder, CEO and editorial director. “Our happiness hacks will help you soar through the holiday season and beyond.”

Among the features in the December issue, readers will find the following:

Mayim Bialik Gets a BIG BANG Out of Life—“My life is perfectly imperfect,” says Bialik, who has learned to relish all of life’s gifts—both big and small—every day, even when she loses her keys or realizes she needs to be two places at once. She shares what it’s like to wear multiple hats each week including mom, neuroscientist, mental health advocate and Sheldon’s girlfriend.

IS YOUR DOG Happier Than You?—Cesar Millan, canine philosopher king, has great advice to make the most of your “best friend” relationships and reveals five ways our dogs teach us how to live happier lives every day.

What HAPPENS IN VAGUS…—If you think happiness is all in your mind, you’re on the right track. Live Happy takes the secrecy out of what goes on upstairs through the brain’s “love” or vagus nerve. We demonstrate happiness hacks from scientists and authors in each of five areas: meditation, sleep, food, language and scents.

Your Holiday Table is ALL SET—Hosting the entire crew for the holidays or looking for gift ideas? Our festive finds will sparkle and shine in your dining room.

We Are All BORN TO LOVE—Science and storytelling spring to life in this excerpt from Live Happy: Ten Practices for Choosing Joy (HarperElixir), from a chapter that delves into the biology of love and connection. Receive FREE GIFTS with your book order; see details at choosingjoybook.com/order.

THE FRIENDSHIP PRESCRIPTION—Sometimes, only a friend will do. Explore the social science behind the importance of all our friends, from besties to book clubs or running buddies.

LARGEST ISSUE EVER! As the days get shorter and busier, it’s easy to take our closest relationships for granted. Psychotherapist and Live Happy columnist Stacy Kaiser reminds readers of the importance of showing daily gratitude for those who love us back. She gives readers four ideas to start down the path of reconnection. Community and camaraderie come in all shapes and sizes. We visit cohousing neighborhoods where residents share meals, chores and neighborly love; take an intimate stroll amid the vibrant food culture and diversity of Detroit’s Eastern Market; and meet special people whose drive to give to those in need inspires them to change their own spending habits.

Live Happy also goes beyond the pages with Live Happy Now, an inspiring free weekly audio podcast on iTunes that offers interviews with top researchers and experts in the fields of positive psychology and well-being. Readers can also visit LiveHappy.com and espanol.LiveHappy.com for even more information on finding and sharing happiness.

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