Written by : Action Star Ming-Na Wen Pulls No Punches in Live Happy’s February issue cover story 

Action Star Ming-Na Wen Pulls No Punches in Live Happy’s February issue cover story

Dallas, Texas – January 3, 2017 – “If you tell yourself enough times that you can achieve something, you can,” says Ming-Na Wen, who kicks up her physicality at age 53 in epic choreographed fight scenes as Agent Melinda May on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“I think a lot of people put up their own blockades of inaction, like ‘I’m this age now, I shouldn’t be doing that.’ Instead, I’m thinking, ‘What vitamins do I need to take? What exercise program do I need to get on?’ she says. At my age, most people are thinking about retirement…but what are you retiring from? You’re still alive!”

What better role model could there be for those of us striving to make 2017 our best year yet? Live Happy’s February issue, on newsstands January 3, offers expert advice on how to find meaning, purpose and happiness in all aspects of life, including ways to transform your energy level, food habits, finances and fitness level.

“We as adults should embrace Ming-Na’s ‘at the ready’ attitude that we can do just about anything we put our minds to,” says Deborah K. Heisz, Live Happy’s co-founder, CEO and editorial director. “I’m especially inspired by the creative problem-solving advice in this issue. Finding fresh solutions and silencing worst-case scenario negativity can help us all adapt to change with resilience and positivity to start the year off right.”

Among the features in the February issue, readers will find the following:

Ming-Na Wen is an AGENT OF POSITIVITY—Buoyed by fans desperate to know her secrets to looking and feeling young and maintaining her famously sunny attitude, Ming-Na is now writing a book and building her brand #Wenever with the motivation of helping as many people as she can.

A FORCE FOR GOOD—Actor Theo Rossi may be known for his complex and convincingly dark characters in TV and Netflix hits like Sons of Anarchy and Luke Cage, but in real life he’s all about giving back.

Your MIND on the MOVE—You know exercise is good for your body, but researchers are discovering new ways that exercise also boosts your brain. Just as we can select certain exercises for physical results like building muscle or endurance, science now says we can exercise to achieve psychological benefits such as better problem solving, lower stress and improved memory.

33 Ways to Say, “I Love You”—We give you dozens of ways to tell those closest to you what they mean to you (including baking cupcakes on a cloudy Sunday afternoon). We also share unique and “heart-y” gift options for your valentine and other loved ones.

Win like an UNDERDOG—What if we could tap into the mindset of underdogs? Learn how to overcome the odds by dreaming big from Ben & Jerry’s founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield and College World Series winners Coastal Carolina University.

BUILD your BEST LIFE in 7 SIMPLE STEPS. Discover the latest theory in creative goal setting—design thinking. Dave Evans and Bill Burnett, the authors of the best-selling Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life share the concepts and practices behind their popular Stanford class. “In design thinking we see our lives as something we can study and change. You’re never stuck,” says Bernard Roth, Ph.D.

—Don’t miss Michelle Gielan and Shawn Achor’s ingenious experiments in goal setting that show how to individualize for best results.

—Columnist and licensed psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser presents four practices and traits to develop in your children to help them become achievers.

—And for an extreme example, get to know what motivates superhuman ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes to triumph over mental and physical challenges.

Live Happy also goes beyond the pages with Live Happy Now, an inspiring free weekly audio podcast on iTunes that offers interviews with top researchers and experts in the fields of positive psychology and well-being, including a fun chat with our featured cover celebrity Ming-Na Wen. Readers can also visit LiveHappy.com and espanol.LiveHappy.com for even more information on finding and sharing happiness.

Live Happy is available on newsstands at major retailers throughout the U.S., including Barnes & Noble, Whole Foods and Hudson News, and in Canada at Presse Commerce newsstands, among others. Live Happy’s award-winning digital edition is available from the App Store and on Google Play, and current subscribers receive complimentary access on their tablet devices and smartphones. Separate digital subscriptions are available for $9.99 at livehappy.com.

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