Written by : 33 Ideas for #HappyActs 

33 Ideas for #HappyActs

1. Choreograph a new happy dance!

2. Thank someone you encounter often for what they add to your life.

3. Treat yourself to a massage, a long run or a favorite meal.

4. Create a happiness board for your long-term dreams and goals.

  5.Spend time with friends

  and let them know you

  appreciate them.

6. Brighten a co-worker’s day with a word or a note of praise.

7. Be generous! Bring breakfast to work or start a cleanup campaign in your community.

8. Broaden your mind with lifelong learning.

9. Put down the phone

and go for a walk.

10. Try something new that challenges you, like an adventure Meetup.

11. Start a game of dominoes or cards with friends and family.

12. Volunteer for a cause you believe in.

13. Host a happiness dinner or give a home-cooked meal to someone.

14. Spend time outside and do something positive for the environment.

15. Pick up trash in your community.