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15 Happy Acts You Can Do Today

How many Happy Acts can you do today? Happy acts are small actions that make someone's day a little brighter. A hug. A kind word, or helping a neighbor. Use the hashtag #happyacts as you share your happy act on social media and they'll be added to our super-cool tagboard at HappyActs.org!

Here are 15 ideas for making the world a happier place:

1. Smile and say hello to a stranger passing by.

2. Ask an elderly neighbor if you can mow their lawn or take out their trash.

3. Buy some dog or cat food and drop it off at your local animal shelter.

4. Exude enthusiasm. It’s contagious.

5. Hold a door open for a mom with a baby stroller.

6. Write someone a real letter, old-school style.

7. Call your grandparents.

8. Write a nice comment on your friend’s blog.

9. Get your spouse’s car washed.

10. Thank your parents.

11. Give a compliment–on social media or in person.

12. Bring a fruit platter to work in the morning.

13. Email a teacher or mentor who made a difference in your life.

14. Leave one negative thing unsaid.

15. Double what you are making for dinner and share with a friend.


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