People watching a happy movie
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Top 10 Happy Movies of All Time


Happy movies offer a chance to explore far-off locales, sing at the top of our lungs, fall in love and escape the mundane duties of everyday life.
Actor Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington Bares His Soul


Instead of battling aliens, actor Sam Worthington explores inner conflicts in the new film, The Shack.
Ming-Na Wen
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Ming-Na Wen, Agent of Change


Actress Ming-Na Wen's groundbreaking roles in film and television have shattered stereotypes--from The Joy Luck Club and Mulan to Marvel's Agents of...
Actress Jillian Rose Reed

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Jillian Rose Reed Is Happily Connected


Jillian Rose Reed, star of the MTV hit show Awkward, makes her social life a top priority for happiness.
Maya Rudolph TV show

Photographs ©Holly Andres and Ramona Rosales

Maya Rudolph Takes Charge


Actress-comedian Maya Rudolph opens up about motherhood, her new TV show, and how she found happiness on the set of 'Bridesmaids.'
Lorraine Toussaint's Everyday Happiness

Photograph ©Jorge Bautista

Lorraine Toussaint's Everyday Happiness


Lorraine Toussaint's doors are always open to happiness.
For Niecy Nash, Happiness Is Always in Style

All photographs by ©Soul Man except top inline photograph below (Niecy in uniform) ©Scream Queens FOX.

For Niecy Nash, Happiness Is Always in Style


Actress Niecy Nash uses the power of positivity to improve every aspect of her life—from work to love to parenting.
7 Tips to Master Your TV Time

7 Tips to Master Your TV Time


Watching TV can be a source of fun and communal joy or a drain on your happiness. Here are 7 tips to make the most of your television time.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson with his dog

Photograph © Robert Trachtenberg/Trunk Archive

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is Fully Committed


With a bold new show on Broadway, Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson has no interest in playing it safe.
Laura Benanti living happy

©Teresa Kroeger/Wire Image/Getty Images

Laura Benanti Gets the Right Kind of Attention


For Broadway beauty and Supergirl co-star Laura Benanti, the spotlight is a happy place to be.


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