• Bryce, Tiny Sparrow Photography

    Photography courtesy of Tiny Sparrow Foundation.

    Thanks to a network of more than 400 professional photographers nationwide who donate their time and talent, Tiny Sparrow continues to grow and...
  • Girl scouts in Cincinnati

    Photo by Cindy Baldhoff

    One Scout Troop in Cincinnati is running a “Smile Campaign” during the month of June to boost happiness.
  • Older lady flexing her muscles before a swim
    Photo credit: Peathegee Inc/Getty Images
    This character strength can help you solve problems and find success.

Are You The One? [Video]


Spreading happiness around the world is something HUGE that can start because of the actions of just one person. Are you the one?
Book Image of Flow

Happiness Library: Flow


This classic text by one of the pioneers of positive psychology explores whether we can slip into a blissful state of consciousness at will.

Significance: What Creates Happiness


Success Without Soul—that was their primary fear, and the reason they were dreaming up powerful and practical ideas for renewing the world.
Book Image of Profit from the Positive

Library—Profit from the Positive


Profit from the Positive by Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin—a guidebook that would help people use the research findings of positive psychology.
Girl offering to share her apple

Sergey Kaliganov/

Sharing Brings Happiness


One of the best things you can share with others is your own happiness. Your story just might inspire a change in them.
Book Image of The Slight Edge

Library—The Slight Edge


The Slight Edge offers a path to success via awareness of the importance of the numerous small decisions we make each day.
Book Image of Flourish

Happiness Library: Flourish


You don’t have to get very far in Flourish to glimpse the practical applications of positive psychology.


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