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Illustration of cringing woman

The Science of Awkwardness with Melissa Dahl


Senior editor of New York magazine and health journalist Melissa Dahl has released her first book, Cringeworthy: A Theory of Awkwardness , about the...
Illustration of a guy with a dog

Getting Zen With Your Dog With John Miller


John Miller has built a career out of training the dogs that others have given up on. From shelters and rescue groups to working with families, John...
Illustration of a strong, positive brain

Eat to Beat Depression with Drew Ramsey


Psychiatrist, author and farmer Drew Ramsey, M.D., is one of psychiatry’s leading voices when it comes to using nutrition as a form of mental health...
Illustration with Live Happy's latest magazine issue

New Issue Preview and Happy the App


In this episode, Live Happy’s own Chris Libby, Donna Stokes and Paula Felps give you a preview of what to expect in the latest issue of Live Happy...
Live Happy Clapperboard

The Happy Film with Stefan Sagmeister


Acclaimed artist Stefan Sagmeister’s work has been enjoyed around the world; in addition to gracing the album covers of such artists as the Rolling...
Group of people in front of a map

Inside the World Happiness Summit with Karen Guggenheim


As founder and Chief Operating Officer of WOHASU LLC, which produces the World Happiness Summit and H-20 government meeting, Karen Guggenheim is...
A couple of ice skating together

Mindful Dating with Ken Page


Ken Page is a well-known psychotherapist and blogger for both Psychology Today and The Huffington Post who specializes in topics related to intimacy...
Woman hunched over with a bird on her back

Dealing with Depression with Brent Williams


New Zealand native Brent Williams was a successful human rights attorney when a debilitating illness halted his career. The depression that overtook...
Lady sitting down and pointing to a light bulb

Mindful Aging with Andrea Brandt


Dr. Andrea Brandt is a psychotherapist, speaker and author with nearly four decades of experience. Although she is a pioneer in the treatment of...
Elderly couple walking together

How to Build Love that Lasts with Suzie Pileggi Pawelski and James Pawelski


In the movies, happily ever after comes pretty easily. In real life? Not so much. But the husband and wife team of Suzann Pileggi Pawelski, a writer...


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