• Happy people riding bikes on a path

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    A recent Gallup-Healthways poll measured life satisfaction in cities around the country. You'll be surprised by the results.
  • Hands kneading dough

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    When you make things like bread and pastry by hand, you get more than a tasty treat and some sensual satisfaction—you may also be boosting your brain...
  • Illustration of boy flying out of a cage.

    Illustration by John Coulter for Live Happy

    Research shows that a mentoring relationship can have positive effects on everyone involved.
  • Woman at a farmers' market

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    We eat to survive, but the specific foods we eat can make a huge difference in the way we feel.
  • Overlapping hands

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    Continuing out Year of Happiness, here are 31 ideas and words of inspiration for building a stronger community.
Spreading happiness around the world is something HUGE that can start because of the actions of just one person. Are you the one?
If you believe you can make a difference, then you will make a difference. Believe in yourself, your family and your community and you will win."
—Lindsay Fox

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