Hector and the Search for Happiness

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Hollywood Takes on the Pursuit of Happiness


In a new film by director Peter Chisholm, a psychiatrist named Hector embarks on an epic search for true happiness.
Organized workspace

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Clear Your Desk, and Your Mind Will Follow


To keep your mind focused and free of distractions, start by clearing clutter from your workspace.
Eric Hutchinson saves up on happiness

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Note to Self


Eric Hutchinson's songs make people happy, and making people happy makes him happy—so, everybody's happy.

Eric Hutchinson: Tell the World


Eric Hutchinson shows his signature style in this video of "Tell the World."
October 2014 issue of Live Happy

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Our First Anniversary Issue is Out!


The October issue is here, and it's our best yet.
Nutritious food on a counter


4 Great Ways to Use Your Superfoods


We've know what foods we should be eating, but we don't always use them in our daily meals. These four recipes show us how.

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Miranda Lambert is Absolutely Loving Life


Miranda Lambert is more than just a pretty face—she gives new meaning to the word industrious.

What Color is Your Blanket?


A new blanket designed by British Airways measures passengers' moods.
Bethenny Frankel with her daughter

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Mom's the Word


After a series of high-intensity TV shows and a short-lived marriage, Bethenny Frankel is ready to settle down with her daughter.
Woman eating popcorn and watching a movie

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6 Best Break-Up Movies of All Time


Breaking up is a bummer, but the movies on this list will pull you out of your funk.