What Color is Your Blanket?


A new blanket designed by British Airways measures passengers' moods.
Woman eating popcorn and watching a movie

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6 Best Break-Up Movies of All Time


Breaking up is a bummer, but the movies on this list will pull you out of your funk.
The Iron Throne

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Why Audiences Love Game of Thrones


What makes us care about the tribulations in Westeros? Perhaps it has something to do with just how grim life is there, and how deeply ambivalent the...
Hands kneading dough

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The Joy of Kneading


When you make things like bread and pastry by hand, you get more than a tasty treat and some sensual satisfaction—you may also be boosting your brain...

Behind the Scenes at Live Happy Cover Shoot


Take a look behind the scenes at our cover shoot of actor Chris O'Donnel in the Hollywood Hills

Mariel Hemingway: Running From Crazy (trailer)


Filmmaker Barbara Kopple captures actress Mariel Hemingway as she attempts to exorcize the demons of her famous—and famously troubled—family.
Chris O'Donnell in the pool

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I Am Happy!


With five kids, a happy marriage and a steady gig on the hit show NCIS Los Angeles, Chris O'Donnell bucks the trend of the troubled Hollywood star...
Photos from European Vacations


5 Tips for an Energy-Boosting Vacation


The findings from a survey of 400 vacationers reveal what it takes to have a low-stress-vacation.
Two empty beach chairs

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Tripped Up?


Not every vacation leaves you feeling happy and refreshed when you return to work—find out why.
Maya Angelou

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The Voice of Hope


Maya Angelou made an indelible impression on everyone who had the opportunity to meet her.