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    With a strong love of learning, you are constantly growing and gaining new perspectives on life.
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    Image from the cover of Ken Baker's book, "The Ken Commandments: My Search for God in Hollywood." Inline image care of E! Entertainment.
    Hollywood journalist Ken Baker lived the high life but felt something was missing until he followed his spiritual faith.
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    When I was diagnosed with cancer, I had no other options beyond accepting my reality and reacting to each minute as it unfolded.
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Become Your Own Health Hero


Become your own health hero by moving, embracing mindfulness and making your health and wellness central to your life.
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5 Reasons to Stop Hating Your Body


The new Netflix movie ''To The Bone' takes an unflinching look at anorexia and body dysmorphia. Here are five ways to love and appreciate your body...
Goat yoga class

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Goat Yoga Draws a Crowd


Goat yoga is the latest--and cutest--wellness trend to sweep the nation.
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How to Buy Happiness for Less Than $25


They say money can't buy happiness, but sometimes a small, simple purchase can improve or even change your life.
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Keep Stress in Check With WellBe


New wearable tech bracelet tracks your stress around the clock.
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Use Lifelogging to Maximize Your Potential


Lifelogging helps you to better understand yourself--by recording your stats and seeing how they all add up.
Woman complaining to her boyfriend.
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Cut the Complaint Habit


Venting, criticizing and complaining can be cathartic, but do it sparingly to reap the positive benefits.
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Keep Your Creativity Fresh


Keep your creative energy fresh by alternating the kinds of activities you do throughout the day.
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How to Eat Like a Human


From tangling with eating disorders to unhealthy diet trends, many women struggle with food. Follow one woman's journey to a healhier lifestyle.
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Learning to Thrive With Post-Traumatic Growth


Post-traumatic growth means bouncing back after suffering with a renewed sense of vigor and optimism. Learn how one woman survived childhood abuse to...


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