• Ron Howard Illustration

    Illustration by Mark Marturello

    Ron Howard believes happiness is about love, his favorite word. “It’s loving what I do and who I do it with.”
  • Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft in Valencia, CA

    Courtesy of Adam Shell and Nicholas Kraft

    Two young documentary filmmakers are scouring the country to find America's happiest people.
  • Sungle parent, happy kids
    Single parents experience unique challenges and special joys. Here are five expert-tested ways to raise happy kids in a one-parent household.
Restful mother and teen-age daughter lying on the floor at home, self-esteem

Photo by Pressmaster/Shutterstock

4 Ways to Keep Your Self-Esteem While Raising Teenagers


To navigate the rough waters of adolescence, both sides need give and take.
Girl relaxing on grass in the shade
Photo by Olga Danylenko/Shutterstock

Dare to Be Different This Labor Day


Don’t just recuperate on your rare Monday off—rejuvenate!
Happy Kids

Photo by Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock

17 Things Our Kids Teach Us About Happiness


Follow children's lead when it comes to unplanned fun and spontaneity.
In Search of Wisdom
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How to Be Compassionate Toward Difficult People


Don’t let the unkind actions of others harm your mental or physical well-being.
Father's Day

Filipe Frazao/Shutterstock

The Best Father’s Day Gift


For stronger relationships, focus on positive moments and patterns.
Great strides

Photos by Sonny Baker

Walking School Bus a Lesson in Happiness


Students, seniors alike get a lift out of a regular group stroll.
Loving Without Limits

Photos Courtesy Loving Without Limits

Happy Activists Deliver Love to Moms


Chicago group supports children’s hospital caregivers on Mother’s Day.
national sibling day
Sandra with her sister Sara on Sandra's wedding day.

Sisterhood Is Powerful


The laughter, love and shared support between sisters lasts a lifetime.
Coping skills for teens

Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

6 Tools to Help Children and Teens Develop Coping Skills


Cultivate balance in your mental and physical energy.
Lonely No More

Illustration by Penelope Dullaghan

4 Ways to Beat Loneliness


Staying connected with others could add years to your life.


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