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    Thanks to a network of more than 400 professional photographers nationwide who donate their time and talent, Tiny Sparrow continues to grow and...
  • Girl scouts in Cincinnati

    Photo by Cindy Baldhoff

    One Scout Troop in Cincinnati is running a “Smile Campaign” during the month of June to boost happiness.
  • Older lady flexing her muscles before a swim
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    This character strength can help you solve problems and find success.
Mindful Running
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Get Into Mindful Running


Dynamic Running Therapy combines exercise, talk therapy and mindfulness.
People talking after a workout

7 Best Expert Guides for Fitness and Health


Ready to start or ramp up your fitness journey? These seven books are a great place to start. Get motivated, get educated, get healthy!
People helping other people

Practice Random Acts of Kindness Every Day


"Kindness is all around you if that’s where you place your focus."
Best books for 2018

Top 10 Books That Will Change Your Life in 2018


When inspiration catches you at just the right moment, it can change your life.
Woman in 2017 glasses taking selfie
Denis Rozhnovsky/’s Top 10 Stories of 2017


Catch up on's most popular stories of the year, including the best books about happiness and tips for beating anxiety and depression.
Broken Heart

9 Best Books for Dealing With Grief and Loss


Grief can take your breath away with gut-wrenching sorrow, and it can also make you cherish the great moments you shared with a loved one.
Young family playing chess

Play Games to Boost Family Happiness


Playing games together can boost family bond of togetherness and happiness.
Happy woman with gift

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Be More Generous To Boost Your Happiness


A new study reports a link in the brain between generosity and happiness.
Jumping on the beach
MataSnow/ Images below of The Empowered Mama and Lisa Druxman.

'The Empowered Mama' Puts Women's Wellness First


Self-care is essential for flourishing, says author and entrepreneur Lisa Druxman. Her new book, The Empowered Mama, shows women how to thrive.
Mom and daughter in a tent indoors.
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Create Family Rituals for Greater Happiness and Connection


Family rituals provide opportunities to build well-being and togetherness for both parents and children.


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