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Person next to a stack of books

5 Books That Will Change Your Life in 2019 With Sandra Bilbray


Live Happy Books Editor Sandra Bilbray tells us about five fantastic books worth picking up and tells us what you can expect to learn from each one.
Man surrounded by work

Overcoming Overwhelm with Dr. Samantha Brody


On this episode, Dr. Samantha Brody, author of the book Overcoming Overwhelm and founder of Evergreen Natural Health Center in Portland, Oregon,...
Two women hugging

Make the Most of 2019 With Deborah Heisz


If you want to get the new year off to a great start, then this is the podcast for you! This week, Live Happy CEO Deborah Heisz joins us to talk...
A couple drinking hot chocolate together

Less Stress for the Holidays With Nancy Jane Smith


Nancy Jane Smith, author of The Happier Approach: Be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier and Still Accomplish Your Goals, has some helpful (and often...
Man enjoying his surroundings

Discovering Wholebeing Happiness With Megan McDonough


On this episode, Wholebeing Institute co-founder Megan McDonough explains the science of whole-person well-being and engagement—and how it can...
Smiling woman enjoying the scenary

Happiness Hacks With Alex Palmer


In this episode, journalist, New York Times–bestselling author and excavator of fascinating facts Alex Palmer joins us to talk about his latest book...
A boy smiling

Practicing Gratitude With Deborah Heisz


Live Happy CEO Deborah Heisz joins us this week to talk about the amazing power of gratitude and why it’s so important not just at Thanksgiving, but...
A brain with a lightbulb

Get Unstuck With Dr. Sasha Heinz


Sasha Heinz, Ph.D., MAPP, developmental psychologist and life coach, is an expert in positive psychology, lasting behavioral change and the science...
A brain with glasses

Build a Happier Brain With Dawson Church


With his breakthrough book, “The Genie in Your Genes,” Dawson Church, Ph.D., showed the scientific connection between emotion and genetics. Now, with...
Person drawing on a canvas

Make Work Your Playground With Andrea Goeglein


Andrea joins Science Editor Paula Felps to discuss how positivity and character strengths can lead to personal success, as well as other top secrets...


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