August 2014

Miranda Lambert
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Naturally Happy

It turns out that "grounding" ourselves—literally sinking our feet into nature—has all kinds of benefits for the psyche. Fine a forest, an ocean or even your backyard, and go there!

Paula Wolfert

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Recipe for Compassion

By: Shelley Levitt

Cookbook author Paula Wolfert is speaking out on behalf of those battling Alzheimer's Disease.

Overlapping hands

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31 Days of Community

Continuing out Year of Happiness, here are 31 ideas and words of inspiration for building a stronger community.

Happy people riding bikes on a path

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America's Most Satisfied Cities

A recent Gallup-Healthways poll measured life satisfaction in cities around the country. You'll be surprised by the results.

4 Tips That Could Prolong Your Life

Cultivating healthy habits, including how you deal with stress, can affect your wellbeing as you age.

Happy older woman


How to Be Happy at 90

Five things to do—and to avoid—to make sure you'll be happy in your later years.

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