Looking Up from Down Under

Happier at Work in Just 11 Minutes
When was the last time you felt really energized and excited about your work? Try these 11-minute habits built to develop your strengths and you will...
Put Your Strengths To Work!
Do you have the chance to do what you do best each day?
secrets of happy employees
Do you want to feel engaged and passionate about your work? Find out the three secrets of happy employees and you may see big changes in the way you...
Woman thinking about her future
When I allowed myself to 'play' with ideas about the future, it opened up a whole new path.
Confident business woman
Research shows that when it comes to confidence, women often lag behind. Here are some tips for improving your sense of self, and helping you achieve...
Nice woman at work
Though sometimes seen as a sign of weakness, character traits of being a 'giver' prove be beneficial in the workplace.
Different colored hands illustration
Recent studies have shown that compassion not only belongs in the workplace, it can actually help a company thrive and achieve its goals.
Illustration of woman racing to work
Small acts of kindness can bring out positivity--and bring up the bottom line--in the workplace
A man and a woman talking at work
Connecting with colleagues on an emotional level can lead to a better workplace all around.
magic light at the and of walkway in autumn park
The problem with a wish is it makes you passive and less likely to reach your goals. Hope has been found to lift your spirits, buoy your energy and...


About Looking Up from Down Under

Michelle McQuaid, a born and raised Australian girl, is a best-selling author, workplace well-being teacher and playful change activator. Michelle lives to help people discover their strengths, move beyond their fears, and finally discover what it truly takes to flourish with confidence. 

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